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The Many Benefits Of Becoming An LVN

A licensed vocational or practical nurse, known as an LPN-Licensed-Vocational-Nurse-LVN/">LVN or LPN is a great career. The benefits of becoming an LVN are endless, but here are some listed that may help you.

Becoming an LVN requires a high school level education, plus one year of a certification course beyond that. These are often offered through local community colleges, hospitals, or adult education centers and technical programs. After you graduate you must pass the national exam as well. The requirements for this job are little compared to others in the field such as an RN or doctor. This also means less money invested in college costs.

Vocational nurses in the US make around $40,000 a year working full-time. Considering you don't have to waste years in school and thousands of dollars in tuition, you really get a good income. Not only can you work full-time days, but you can work full-time nights, or weekend hours. You may also work on call, or per diem, odd hours tend to pay a little more as well.

Vocational nurses also get the variety of work place many don't. They can work in doctors offices, hospitals, nursing homes or schools as the school nurse or a nurses helper. Within a hospital they can also work in many different departments, from surgery to rehab to delivery babies. This is great for those that like to have a challenging work environment, but also those who would like to change their work environment without having to go back to school.

LVNs also get high job security because everyone needs healthcare, no matter what the economy is doing. Finding a job in this field is fairly easy because the job growth rate is so high. You also get the benefit of working in comfortable scrubs, and working nights, days or weekends if you want.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to being an LVN and working the healthcare field is the fulfillment people get from helping others who need it. Staying in the hospital or nursing home, or visiting the doctors office can be a tiring, hard thing, but nurses and staff get to encourage patients and really get to know them. Many people say this is their favorite part of the job.

The best way to find out the benefits of becoming an LVN is to go to school and find out for yourself. If these listed here seem great to you, you won't be disappointed after your year of school either.

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